The hitchhiker’s guide to social change



Are you a changemaker ? would you like to be one ? With this guide, there is a simple way to build up your own social project.


The first steps into a project are the most important ones, thinking of what how and most importantly why. We have seen and observed many projects failing because of wrong assumptions or because they missed some elements within their project. This guide facilitates the creative process and helps you avoid traps or miss important component of your project.


From your personal drive and going through  a series of specially designed exercises going from “send a postcard to yourself” to “map the resources you need” passing by “pretend you are a visitor from another planet” this guide helps you to create your own strong an coherent social project step by step while avoiding traps on the way. It is giving you the keys that will support you in having a positive impact.



This guide compiles what I experienced and observed along the last for years in the social innovation field. From my experiences in mentoring diverse local social initiatives and starting my own social enterprise. It is also taking in account the knowledge gathered over numerous discussions with other social designers/innovators/entrepreneurs strangers meet in the street or at the detour of a coffee terrace.




To get this tool in the hands of people who want to make a change, and have it widely distributed. The book contains 140 pages 130x210mm, and will be printed responsibly, considering the environment.

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